Top 10 Reasons
to Attend: 

1. We’ll show you how to make Lean self-funding.

2. We’ll discuss Lean from a practical perspective

3. You’ll learn how to cut operating costs by 20% or more

4. You’ll learn how to improve flow and cut lead times by 80%

5. You’ll learn how to eliminate unplanned downtime

6. We’ll discuss techniques for mass customization

7. We’ll look at achieving success in multishift operations

8. You’ll benchmark your cost/performance against the best

9. We’ll cover both basic and advanced Lean concepts

10. You’ll learn from others on the Lean journey

Who Should Attend?

Executives, plant/operations managers, plant supervisors and professionals from HR, Quality, Maintenance, Engineering and Training & Development will receive excellent value.

In-House Training

Successful implementation requires a team effort. Training as a team can help accelerate change and elicit plant-wide involvement.

Granite Bay can bring Reducing Costs through Lean Manufacturing Practices to your facility, custom-tailored for your organization.

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Reducing Costs Through Lean Manufacturing
Tools, tips and techniques for driving out cost and building a globally-competitive operation


Past attendees:

Bausch & Lomb
Benjamin Moore
BF Goodrich
Bristol Myers Squibb
Kraft Foods
Miller Brewing
Northrup Grumman
Ocean Spray
Sara Lee
Texas Instruments
US Postal Service

Dear Manager,

Global competition is requiring manufacturers to aggressively cut costs while maintaining world-class levels of Quality, Safety and Delivery. While all organizations try to control costs, relatively few are able to deliver significant and sustainable cost reductions that improve the bottom line and build a long-term competitive advantage.

Lean Manufacturing has helped many manufacturers slash unit costs by a third, quality defects by two-thirds and lead times by 90% in just a few years. But most Lean efforts fail to deliver the expected gains.

Reducing Costs through Lean Manufacturing will show you how significantly lower your overall operating cost and achieve 20-40% gains in Key Performance Indicators within a year. In this powerful workshop, we'll not only discuss Lean tools and proven cost reduction strategies, but also how to implement them successfully while engaging the entire organization.

Unlike other seminars that cover just the basics and emphasize the amazing results, this session is about the "nuts and bolts" of how to make it work. We will lay the groundwork for those looking to start a Lean initiative, as well as for those who need to retool their current approach.

Strengthen your competitive position, revitalize cost reduction efforts and improve employee morale. Call us to schedule this workshop at your facility and we promise a fun and informative three days!

Best wishes in your pursuit of World-Class Manufacturing!


Don Penkala
President/Seminar Leader

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Seminar Outline

Day 1

1. A Primer on Cost Reduction and Lean

  • Benchmark your operation
  • The key Lean metrics
  • Identify your hidden operating costs
  • Reduce costs by reducing lead times
  • Performance results from successful implementations
  • The 10 manufacturing wastes
  • The 6 manufacturing losses
  • Lean's 10 Commandments
  • Exercise: Lean Self-Assessment Tool

2. Lean Implementation Strategy

  • A proven step-by-step implementation process
  • Training requirements to support Lean
  • Staffing strategy to support Lean
  • Develop a Business Case for Lean
  • Push vs. Pull vs. Flow Manufacturing
  • Exercise: Lean Simulation - Participants will work on a production line to test the cost-effectiveness of Push, Pull and Flow concepts.

3. Value Stream (Process) Mapping

  • Value-Added Analysis
  • Create a detailed Value Stream Map
  • Design a Future State
  • Map material and information flows

Day 2

4. Making Processes Flow

  • Focus factories and manufacturing cells
  • Reduce costs with mix-model manufacturing
  • Establish and calculate takt time
  • Strategy to reduce changeover time by 70-90%
  • Balance multishift operations to support Lean
  • Strategy to reduce changeover time by 70-90%
  • Balance multishift operations to support Lean
  • Exercise: Participants will map a Value Stream in their own operations, identify opportunities to eliminate waste and create a Future State Map to guide improvement efforts

5. Developing an Effective Pull System

  • Rules and requirements for Pull
  • 7 steps to successful Kanban implementation
  • Types of kanbans and when to use them
  • Inventory reduction and Continuous Improvement with Kanban

6. Improving Process Reliability with TPM

  • Process Reliability self-assessment
  • Success measures and Best Practices in Reliability
  • 6 basic elements of Total Productive Maintenance
  • In depth: the 7 steps of Autonomous Maintenance
  • Building a sense of "ownership" in operators and techs
  • Exercises: Analyze equipment utilization and Maintenance effectiveness at your facility; Group exercise on Operator-Driven Reliability

Day 3

7. Quality Tools to Support Lean

  • Create a Visual Factory
  • Best practices in intershift communications
  • Tools for engaging employees and building morale
  • Best practices in 5S implementation
  • Build-in quality at the operating level
  • Error-proofing (poka-yoke)
  • Establish standardized work procedures
  • Building Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capability
  • Integrate Lean and Six Sigma
  • Exercise: Engage the entire organization in Continuous Improvement

8. Leading Cost Reduction through Lean

  • Develop "high-performance" shop floor leadership
  • Improve indirect labor productivity
  • Lean for Administrative/Office operations
  • Sustain the Gains - Lean Audit Tool
  • Why Lean conversions fail and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Case examples of successful implementation
  • Exercise: Putting It All Together - Participants develop a step- by-step Lean Action Plan to ensure application of training back at work

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