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Plastic bags have been announced for some time inside peri-urban areas of Morocco, this is an inevitable sign of pollution. "Although I would have been a child, the panorama of plastic bags covering my small town, as far as the eye could see, was built in such a way as to affect Add These 16 me mainly," says Faïza Hajji, a master of Télécom Bretagne in Portugal. and we are president of Dr. Fatiha Connection ADF in Morocco. "And so I developed the idea of ​​any company within an opposition within the French CCE, within the international category." In 2006, two years after the opposition, Milliseconds. Hadji used this connection to create the sociable organization Ifassen "palm trees" in the vernacular community in Berkane, his hometown in eastern Morocco. Since then, the manufacturer has processed more than 60,000 plastic bags and spawned some enthusiastic women's cooperatives. In addition, it continues to grow and increase. According to Hajji, the work combines environmental protection and sociable entrepreneurship, depending on the weaving skills of the women urban shop lamp in the community. Women make bins and industrial bags using plastic bags and Alfa, a adaptable and immune community place, traditionally useful for weaving bins. The plastic bags are cleaned, cut into strips and then woven with the craftswomen. The manufacturer has added to that other products, such as pretty items, coasters and purses. In the beginning, A social enterprise the ADF connection helped co-workers by training them in higher quality and creative, management, conversation and advertising functions, and finding opportunities to work from home, in the region and download them.

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