QFX Expands Bluetooth Philadelphia Phone speaker Choice

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VERNON, California, December 28, 2016 worldwide NEWSWIRE - . QFX, Company. is extremely pleased to report the creation of exciting new products for 2017. All of these new products will be launched technically the January 2017 CES in Las Vegas and will be delivered to our customers through the first 1/4. The BT-5000 watching movies features Bluetooth capability busPerSDPerMMCPerAUXPerRCAPerMP3 standard audio system and Universal. QFX Expands Bluetooth Audio consists of very low striped with 2x6. . Your five "woofers, 4x3" picture core audio and 2x1 "tweeter audio system price of the proposed contract: Money149 99 . The structure of audio system BT-8000 Bluetooth has the ability radio busPerSDPerMMCPerAUXPerRCAPerMP3PerFM Universal series and a micro overview. very low audio consists striped with 2x8 "woofer price of the proposed contract :. Money299 99 . The system WatchingMovies its BT-9500 has Bluetooth, radio series capacitance busPerSDPerMMCPerAUXPerRCAPerMP3PerFM universal handheld remote control, QFX portable speakers and a micro overview. low audio consists badly scratched with woofers 4x10. Price of the proposed contract: Money599. 99. The In-400 Place Mozart Multiple Wireless Presenter Bluetooth and Bluetooth allows wireless streaming from music libraries Pandora, Spotify, and many others., Mixed Melodies by QFX Software. Consists of 2x3 "full-range audio system and can expand to possibly six to eight market prices proposed :. Money299 99 . The In-B52 upper-Driven presenter Bluetooth capability, series preview busPerSDPerRCAPerXLRPerRadio Universal micro preview and perform the recording. Consists of 2x15 "woofers price of the proposed contract. Money499 99 . The At-F15 powerful speaker phone Philadelphia Professional Bluetooth capability, series preview busPerSDPerRCAPerXLRPerRadio Universal micro preview and perform the recording.

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