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Do any of these scenarios fit your situation?

You operate 24/7 and are looking for ways to stay competitive by maximizing asset performance. Equipment downtime is higher than it should be and there are performance gaps in output and reliability.

Demand is increasing and you're struggling to keep up. Maybe customer sevice levels are slipping, despite high levels of overtime and stress. You're concerned about not overburdening your staff, but need to increase throughput while maintaining cost and quality controls.

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You need to accelerate performance improvement but doing so across multiple shifts and work functions is challenging. Maybe your crews are working at cross-purposes or there are gaps in commnunication and collaboration. You need a strategy for engaing the entire organization and focusing everyone on common objectives, very day.

Or maybe you are already an industry leader with a history of successful improvement efforts. You have a capable and committed work force and are looking for some fresh ideas to sustain the gains and drive continuous improvement to a higher level.

If you can relate to any of these situations, then we'd like to talk to you!

Granite Bay offers practical, results-oriented training and support for multishift operations world-wide

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries. From high-tech processing plants to labor-intensive assembly operations, our client base is broad. We help both union and non-union plants, as well as greenfield and brownfield sites.

Our clients are big and small. Most of our clients tend to be plants with between 50 and 500 employees. But we have worked with a single department or an entire facility of 3,500 associates. We have worked with single-shift facilities and continuous operations that run 24/7.

Our clients span the globe. We've helped plants in the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East and have conducted training workshops world-wide.

Whatever their situation, the commonality in all our clients is a desire to engage people plant-wide to increase productivity, profitability and long-term compettitiveness.

Our Services Are Not for Everyone

Granite Bay does not try to be all things to all people. We prefer to remain small and select clients with whom we feel we can achieve excellent results relatively quickly. We are not interested in long-term, multi-year engagements - and neither are our clients.

Clients that are most likely to succeed working with us share some common traits:

They truly value their people. While everyone agrees this is important, we try to identify those who are receptive to ideas from their people and willing to invest in them through improving communication, training, leadership and "walking the talk."

They are involved. Our clients know that achieving a world-class operation is a responsibility that cannot be outsourced. While an outside expert can help guide efforts, our clients are willing - like us - to work hands-on with their people, be visible in the plant and show humility when warranted.

They have a continuous improvement mindset. All of our clients recognize that they are on a never-ending journey and that there is no "magic pill" that will solve all problems and guarantee world-class status. World-class manufacturing requires hard work, a team spirit, common sense and continuous training and development to be sustainable.

They love what they do. Enthusiasm and dedication are contagious. We've seen that managers can achieve amazing results when they bring a positive, high-energy approach to their work. We like to work with clients who are excited about improving operations and developing their people - and who love their work as much as we do.

If this sounds like you, we'd like to talk. We may be able to help you improve plant competitiveness quickly and cost-effectively.

Learn more about how we work here.

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