Accelerating PerformanceTM

A strucured process for interhisft collaboration and 24/7 process improvement

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A custom job shop reduced mfg. lead times by over 50% and increase operating profits by nearly 40%

A wood products company improved work flow through manufacturing and reduced inventories by nearly 70% across 3 shifts

A bulk chemical manufacturer that was already working 24/7 increased real output and capacity utilization by 12% with zero hiring or capital investment

A food processing plant reduced recordable injuries by over 90% within two years

A medical device manufacturer working three shifts improved first-pass quality by 26%

High-performance shift operations require both Process Efficiency and People Effectiveness.

Accelerating PerformanceTM can help you achieve 20-30% improvements in operating cost, quality and delivery while engaging your most important asset - your people!

It is a 6-month on-site process designed to:

1. Create structured shift interfaces that improve shift-to-shift planning, communication and collaboration

2. Equip shift leaders and managers with the essential skills to lead effectively in a multishift operation

3. Create a laser-like focus on key business objectives such as capacity utilization, throughput, uptime, flow and schedule completion plant-wide and on every shift

How it Works

Step 1. Operational Assessment

We first clarify your operating objectives, then evaluate operating performance to identify improvement opportunities, aligned with your objectives.

We meet with operators, technicians and leaders plant-wide to better understand the organization and its current capabilities.

We evaluate capacity utilizaton and throughput, equipment reliability, first-pass quality, plant floor leadership and a host of other success factors and compare current practices and performance against world-class benchmarks for your industry.

Finally, we develop a practical, step-by-step Action Plan that engages plant floor personnel and get management approval to proceed.

Step 2. Shift Collaboration

To be successful at 24/7 process improvement, shifts must operate seamlessly. We help build structured shift interfaces to promote the 5 Cs: communication, coordination, continuoty, consistency and commmitment, across all shifts na dprocesses.

We also provide practical, hands-on leadership training expressly for shift leaders and their managers to be able to communicate and coach effectively, build process-oriuented teams and drive improvement seamlessly and consistently across all shifts and fucntions.

Step 3. Execution

Next, working directly with plant leaders and teams, we work on rapid implementation of improvements, testing new methods and measuring the results.

Teams utilize Best Manufacturing Practices from Lean, TQM, TPM and other disciplines to work together to eliminate waste and improve productivity in their own work areas.

Daily activities engage the entire shop floor in continuous improvement to directly support the plant's broader objectives.

Step 3. Ensuring Success

In this final phase, we help implement a system to sustain the gains and ensure continued progress. The work teams on each shift assume accountability for Productivity, Cost, Quality and Delivery.

Plant leaders coach for continuous improvement and operating performance is made visible plant-wide.

After about 6 months, an true "continuous improvement" process is in place that involves all shifts, and on-going improvement projects mobilize teams to work towards common plant objectives.

To ensure success we commit to work with your organization, for no additional fee, until the program objectives are achieved.


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