Granite Bay's Lean Manufacturing Services

Are you:

  • Looking to eliminate manufacturing waste in order to reduce cost?
  • Struggling to fill orders on time, but are constantly behind schedule, with high overtime levels?
  • A job shop looking to reduce work backlogs and improve service levels?

Granite Bay provides several options for improving flow and reducing lead times at your facility. In addition to our practical on-site training and support, we offer a comprehensive Lean Manufacturing Assessment to jump start your Lean efforts.

Find out how wwe can apply the Lean tools and techniques to your operation and engage your people in the process.

Eliminate Waste, Improve Flow and Reduce Cost

Lean Shift Operations is a comprehensive 2-day workshop designed to give managers, supervisors and shop floor personnel a working knowledge of Lean principles and how to apply them in a 24/7 environment. Conducted world-wide on at your facility.

Lean Manufacturing Assessment
Assess critical operations and business processes according to Lean Enterprise principles. Identify the sources of waste, estimate the cost savings and profit improvement potential with Lean and compare performance metrics with Lean standards. Recommend Lean training topics and tools required to advance Lean efforts.

Lean Training topics can include:

  • Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction
  • Improving Equipment/Process Reliability
  • Quick Changeover: The NASCAR approach
  • Applying Lean Quality Tools
  • Continuous Improvement for the Entire Plant
  • Successfully Implementing Kanban/Pull Mfg.
  • Value Stream (Process) Mapping
  • Standard Work/SOP
  • Customizing 5S for Your Plant
  • Visual Management Systems
  • Mfg. Cells, Balancing, Leveling and Takt Time
  • Lean for the Job Shop
  • Lean for Process Industries

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